Our Human Resources Policy

Our Qualified Human Power Is
Our Most Important Capital

The employment policy of Loras Holding and its companies was shaped by the consciousness of the human resource is a "value" and the belief in lifetime education. The company aims to create the most admired and preferred establishments in the sectors they operate, employing the most successful professionals in the field, that all the stakeholders feel honoured to be a part of its operations. Loras Holding's human resources strategy is to demonstrate a management approach that takes into account world standards in the sectors in which it operates, to be a model organization where employee satisfaction is at a high level and everyone wants to work.

  • Selecting human resources correctly,
  • Solving problems related to finding qualified human resource with on-the-job programs,
  • Providing training opportunities to the employees by giving accessible goals,
  • Rewarding high performance with the performance system’s output,
  • Having activities that improve employee’s work life as well as ensure happiness in private life are the primary goals of Ittifak 
  • Holding in the field of human resources.
More than 20 students were given the opportunity to do internships at İttifak Holding and group companies, which employ more than 600 people.

The company has participated in many career day events organized by universities,
made informative interviews with the students and took part in a supportive way.


Continuing the training that will make personal and professional development continuous, Imas Makina considers its employees' rapid adaptation to innovation and change among its priorities in today's world where information is constantly renewed. Continuing both internal and external training, Imas offers its employees the opportunity for personal and professional development in every environment where the internet is available, with the training given over the Intranet.

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