MQP J - Jumbo Quadro Plansifter
MQP J - Jumbo Quadro Plansifter
  • Used for sifting break and flour stocks and for sorting different grain types in flour, corn and semolina mills.
  • Easy-to-install and remove sieve frames
  • The stock can be classified in seven types horizontally and twelve types vertically.
  • All surfaces in contact with flour or similar products are provided with efficient insulation.
  • Minimum maintenance and service necessity
  • Centrifugal weight of the motor facilitates optimum throw of the sifter
  • Frame bottoms are made of stainless steel.
  • For earthquake regions, sifter may be additionally secured with steel ropes.
  • Hanging rods, made of oscillation-resistant fiberglass ensure stable and secure suspension of the plansifter.
  • Excellent sanitation
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Partitions in the housing channels prevent dust from rising when the material is being discharged.
  • Quiet and efficient sieve cleaning

No stock leakages thanks to prefectly designed tightening mechanism.

Made of steel sheet that is durable against vibration.

Designed to close plansifter doors tightly.

Easy dismantling for a quick access sieve boxes.

Load is distributed on ball bearings uniformly.

The plansifter is hanged/suspended with fiberglass rods.

It is applied to avoid product sticking and building up due to air & water condensation in inner parts of the sifter. Suitable for food grade, hygienic surface.

The pipes are configured for sanitary product transfer.

It tightens the sieve boxes by vertical pressing and regulates

Isolates the sieve boxes perfectly to prevent the mixture of different flour/bran stocks

The outlet pipes are designed for a sanitary product transfer.