MQP J - Jumbo Quadro Plansifter
MQP J - Jumbo Quadro Plansifter
  • Specifications for Metal Body:
  • The body is made in three main parts; two sieve box compartments & counter weight with housing group.
  • Excellent design with high durability and each sifter is tested dynamically & statically before delivery.
  • The perfectly designed counter weight enables a perfect circular motion.
  • All interior walls in contact with product are covered with Stainless Steel sheet with high grade insulation which leads a considerable reduction in condensation. (This is an optional feature.)
  • The doors are made with the combination of aluminium and wood.
  • Excellent sanitation and hygiene.
  • Product inlet and outlet pipes are in stainless steel.
  • Inlet platforms are made of metal sheet while the Outlet Platforms are made of plywood.
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance for all parts of sifter.
  • Minimum maintenance and service.
  • The counter weight housings are high grade TRY_PARSE iron.
  • The bearings are 22000 series FAG, SKF with high vibration durability.
  • The doors are tightly insulated and sealed to eliminate dust leakage.
  • Specifications for Sieve and Insert Frames:
  • The sieve frames are made of high grade plywood, imported from Siberia, with high resistance against humidity.
  • The insert frames are made of aluminium.
  • The clothing is first class from world leader producers.
  • The clothes are glued on insert frames by best quality, made in EU glues.
  • The sieve cleaners are polyurethane in different types.

No stock leakages thanks to prefectly designed tightening mechanism.

Made of steel sheet that is durable against vibration.

Designed to close plansifter doors tightly.

Easy dismantling for a quick access sieve boxes.

Load is distributed on ball bearings uniformly.

The plansifter is hanged/suspended with fiberglass rods.

It is applied to avoid product sticking and building up due to air & water condensation in inner parts of the sifter. Suitable for food grade, hygienic surface.

The pipes are configured for sanitary product transfer.

It tightens the sieve boxes by vertical pressing and regulates

Isolates the sieve boxes perfectly to prevent the mixture of different flour/bran stocks

The outlet pipes are designed for a sanitary product transfer.