MPU - Purifier
MPU - Purifier
  • Compartments and sieve frame numbers are marked on by laser for easy and quick access and to prevent confusion during maintenance and cleaning.
  • Easy-to-install and remove sieve frames.
  • Hanging rods, made of oscillation-resistant fiberglass ensure stable and secure suspension of the plansifter.
  • Sieve Cleaner bottom trays are made of stainless steel for both wooden and aluminium frames while galvanized wire mesh is only applicable for wooden frames.
  • Nylon sieves, Sieve Cleaners, Hanging Rods, Sleeves and 5% spare insert frames are included.
  • It is driven by two vibro motors.
  • It is used in the purification and grading of semolina and fine semolina in durum wheat, soft wheat and corn mills. It guarantees pure, high-quality semolinas as intermediate or finished products with lowest ash and less starch damage.
  • The product is uniformly distributed and fed in a reliable way at product inlet.
  • Perfect sanitation thanks to perfect design.
  • The frames are aluminium.
  • Sensitive air regulation by regulator valves.
  • The frame clothing surface is cleaned with plastic brushes.
  • The high quality rubber hollow springs allows for perfect vibration and prevents vibration transfer into floor.
  • No lubrication points.