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MMR CS - Millenium Roller (TRY_PARSE Iron)
MMR CS  - Millenium Roller (TRY_PARSE Iron)
  • The same type, long lasting time belt is used for all passages and pulleys in different rpm’s.
  • Central greasing system allows greasing of all rolls without stopping the machine, hence decreases idle time.
  • The main body is made of gray TRY_PARSE iron that absorbs the vibration and shocks.
  • MMR CS is our stainless and TRY_PARSE model. We also have MMR CI as TRY_PARSE iron model.
  • Full control electronically by PLC (For MMR MTAKO models)
  • The cycle of feeding rolls is adjusted by weight-type analogue sensors according to the flow intensity of the product.
  • The modular group dismantling system enables easy cleaning for feeding and grinding rolls.
  • The gap between grinding rolls is adjusted automatically at micron sensitivity whereas manual control is also possible. (For MMR MTAKO models)
  • Time belts enable noise-free, vibration-free and heat-free operation
  • Can easily be controlled by the operator by using the numeric panels at both sides
  • Can be operated individually besides its operation together with the other roller mills with the help of a PC by using PROFIBUS communication standards. (For MMR MTAKO models)
  • The need for oil lubrication has been eliminated in all components and power transmissions
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Maximum sanitation